Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bullet points mean:

  •          I’m short on time.
  •          I lack creativity for a more elaborate post.
  •          And this is the most logical process to get my thoughts out and posted in an efficient way.
  •          I’ve never made a blog post like this, so it’s also an opportunity to be creative and distinct.

  •          This summer has been very crazy.

  •          Sometime last year it was suggested that I go to school (college) in Portland. I really like Portland as a place. The city is grungy and creative, much like Seattle, but it has a slight difference to it. An organic and hippy tendency which I, as a prospective bohemian, appreciate. Not to mention, I have some friends down there who are some of the most gracious and laid-back people on the surface of the earth and I love them. It kind of made sense that I go to college there.

  •          I started researching colleges and universities in Portland, hoping to find one that will accept the CLEP credits I’ve accumulated over the past couple years.
  •          I found one.

  •          Portland State University will accept everything I’ve earned so far and apply it to the degree I’ll be studying for through their curriculum.

  •          Portland is four hours south-ish from where I currently live, which means attending college there will force me to move to a new place of residency. Which is… well, it’s exciting.

  •          For me to apply at PSU I have to send them SAT scores. Unfortunately I never took the SAT after high school, and when I found out I needed to send the university scores from an SAT, the deadline had already come and gone. So I’ll be taking my test on the 3rd of October. Which is fine and dandy I suppose. But I’m scrambling to get my numbers up to a grade which I’ll be proud to present the school with. So… I’ve been studying. A lot. And I hate math so much, but I’m just fighting through it because I’m going to score well on that test or be damned.

  •          My plan and hope is to be moved and settled by the end of September. This means I will be living and working in or near Portland by September 30th. Which means I have a grand total of four and a half weeks to get a job, find an apartment, and move my earthly belongings to my new place of residency.

  •          The time crunch is definitely sinking in and stressing me out.

  •          If all goes as planned, I’ll have four months to explore Portland and the surrounding area, save money, and get my school schedule figured out. I’ll apply and start school in January while working part time. It’s going to be a rough haul, but I can do it. If I dedicate myself to my work and my studies I’ll make it out on top in the end.

  •          I already begin to miss my friends and family. I’ve started saying my goodbyes and… it’s been hard. Obviously I’ll visit during holidays and whenever I can get away from work, but there will be long stints during which I will be a little isolated from all the people I’ve grown up with. That thought undoubtedly depresses me and I hate thinking about it, but it’s a present reminder that moving forward has two edges to it.

  •          I have big plans. Life is exciting and new possibilities are exactly what I need. I’m looking forward to what the future holds.

Other things that happened this summer:

  •          I lost twenty pounds through an intentional shift in my lifestyle and now look hot.
  •          I quit my job at Ace. This is my last week there.
  •          I’ve been reading a lot of books. From Theological Apologetics to Kurt Vonnegut’s zany novels. I’ve read a pretty wide variety and feel I’ve spent my time well, scheduling out my days to make the most of what time I have. My reading list is as follows:
Welcome to the Monkey House – Kurt Vonnegut
Slaughterhouse Five – Kurt Vonnegut
Breakfast of Champions – Kurt Vonnegut
Cat’s Cradle – Kurt Vonnegut
Orthodoxy – G.K. Chesterton
Catch 22 – Joseph Heller
The Stranger – Albert Camus
And possibly others that I forgot… As you can see, I really like Vonnegut’s writing. He was a genius.
  •          And last, but not least, I have begun to write poetry. It’s nothing to shake a stick at, but I have a few poems I like. Nothing I’d be bold enough to share on my blog though. One day, maybe, one day.