Friday, September 21, 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Back in 1937, on September 21, a man named John Ronald Reuel Tolkien published a "Fairy Tale" novel titled The Hobbit. 75 years later, I wonder if he ever thought the book would garner so very much success. Translated into nearly fifty languages and selling over 100 million copies, this whimsical and inventive tale continues to delight readers of all ages. Personally, I’ve been a fan of the book for years now. I still remember purchasing a copy in a used-books store that I frequently visit. I read the whole thing in nearly a single sitting, and was forever a captive of Tolkien’s spell from then on. His descriptive writing would be my very favorite literature and both his stand alone novel (The Hobbit) and his fantasy trilogy (The Lord of the Rings) still remain my favorite pieces of literary work, only preceded by the Holy Scriptures, to this very day.

In honor of the book’s 75th anniversary, a second trailer for An Unexpected Journey was released to the public earlier this week. After watching it several times, I am again considerably stoked for the distant, but upcoming release of the first installment of the trilogy of films that will be based on this literary work by Tolkien. It really will be so great.

I thought it might be appropriate to post the first trailer, too. For those who might have missed it somehow. They’re both great.

Also – I’d recommend checking out There, you can choose five alternate endings to the new trailer, all of which have about 20 seconds of differing alternate ending footage. There are also some other neat goodies over on that website, so if you’re into that sort of thing, you should go check it all out.

Remember, tomorrow is Hobbit day. (Lord of the Rings fans will recognize it as both Frodo and Bilbo Baggins’ birthdays, thus the date’s significance.) So be sure to let your curly hair out and embrace the hair on your feet. I’ll be attempting to satisfy my enormous, Hobbit-like appetite and shall be going about barefoot whenever possible. I’m just that nerdy.


  1. Well done on this one!! I am beyond excited!
    Happy Hobbit Day! :D

  2. Caleb.
    I am extremely stoked for "The Hobbit" I can hardly say how stoked.
    It will be incredible.
    Since I've only recently become a "Tolkien" fan, I had no idea there was a Hobbit Day!? And its September 22...? My birthday...
    How fantastic is that...