Wednesday, October 24, 2012

And so... It begins...

One of the reasons I blog, is because I absolutely love to write. About anything, really. I have certain projects I'm working on, stories and whatnot. Also, several of my friends love writing as well. It's been good-fun being able to criticize each others' works and encourage one another in our literary endeavors. We usually pass our projects to each other through USB thumb-drives, marking each others’ MS Word documents in assorted colors of text. Personally, I’ve always found this to be exceptionally encouraging as well as very inspirational. But...

Well... in this day of technological advancement, quite often I find life to be so impersonal. We scurry here, we scurry there - never speaking in person, only texting a hello, or emailing it. People seem to rarely call each other anymore, or even sit down in person to talk over a steaming cup of coffee. I always preferred the 'in-person' conversations to any alternative. So I told one of my closest friends it was high-time he and I started a writing club. My idea was that we would meet somewhere where we could sit down and edit each others' manuscripts in person. As we spoke more seriously on the matter, we set out a general plan of action. Last Thursday, we put that plan to action, and all went remarkably smoothly.

            We met in a small coffee and crĂªpe shop in his hometown. He brought some of his work, and after a bit of general chattering, we got right to work. I had a good time of tearing into his work, and he took my criticism and teasing quite graciously. It was so much more enjoyable than our usual ‘social network’ style editing sessions because we were able to speak together. My questions were answered as I read the manuscript, and I could edit it verbally, which was a pleasurable experience.
            We worked through everything he brought to the table fairly quickly. Actually, I was surprised at how much ground we covered in a short bit of time. We’ll be meeting again next week, where I will have the opportunity to have a bit of my work edited. I’ll be sure to bring a good-sized stack of writings, so that we need not worry about running out of material to go through. I’m really excited to seeing how this idea pans out. If it continues to be the incredibly encouraging and inspiring time it has proved to be thus far, we’ll have to branch out and begin accepting new members to our little club. It’s definitely been a beneficial thing for the both of us and our writing.
            I’m looking forward to the next meeting!


  1. If only I was a bit closer...
    I remember you telling me of this idea long before it was a reality. Sounds such fun!
    Wish I could be there to tear up manuscripts, and drink coffee with you guys.

  2. I wish that, too...

    Next time you're in the area we'll be sure to have you sit in on one of our meetings. I'm sure such would be mutually beneficial!

  3. Actually...
    I'll be on the west side 2nd of november through the 16th staying with kirstie before her wedding and then my sister.
    Just a wee thought...

  4. Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. { Prov. 27:17}
    May your meetings be profitable both spiritually and creatively.
    "The Fellowship of the ....Pen"!

  5. Looking at the calendar, I think we may be having a meeting on the Thursday that is the 15th... So p'raps we could work out a way for you to meet with us? This could be fun!

  6. Hey Caleb, I would love to join! If I'm not working since I now work two jobs again. *sigh* Since I love to write and share what I love and learn, I would love to join in! But please, don't let me hinder or anything and if you'd prefer me not then I won't. :) I love you *HUG*

  7. Caleb.
    there's a posibility that might work...i hope!
    You know it will be fun...a lot of fun.
    We'll have to work out the kinks in our plan soon!