Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The boom where the bass hits

Cheshire Cat rides wherever I go... from the top of my antenna.

I really do love my Suzuki. But she's never had any stereo functions worth writing home about. All up until recently anyway.

When I bought the car, the stereo didn't work. Sometimes it would randomly turn on, but for the most part it would just sit in my head-unit staring at me with it's LCD screen-panel blank. I have a thing for good music, so it was only a matter of time before I bought a nice stereo. Upon installation I found the problem with the old stereo was the poor wiring job one of the previous owners did. So with a much more professional wiring job, a new stereo was installed and I could then rock on.

Well... sort of. After installing the new stereo I discovered the bad condition the speakers were in. The rear two made a kind of bubbling, growling sound. The front two were alright, so long as you didn't turn the tunes up too loud. I just gritted my teeth and dealt with it though, because at least I had a stereo that worked.

But about a month ago I installed a new set of speakers in my car. The sound was instantaneously better. But that wasn't enough for me. While I was at it, I figured I might as well put a subwoofer and an amplifier in there too (I mean while I was spending money and in the mood I might as well!). But while sub' boxes always sound great - they take up a lot of space and I didn't want to surrender all my cargo-space to a monster speaker and its powering equipment. So, I started thinking about where I could install it all, and still have space to haul equipment and gear. I decided the best place would be the tailgate.
By mounting the whole kit on my tailgate, it meant everything would take a fraction of the space normally required. So after a lot of planning and considering, I finally got the whole deal figured out and installed. I'm really happy with how it all turned out. And quite pleased with the sound. The Sub' hits fairly hard!

The cords move freely to keep from pinching and I still have plenty of room.

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