Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Studs stick together...

My older sister and only older sibling got married on the first. Kind of a hectic day with odd annoyances prior to it, but it was very beautiful. Personally, it's nice to see a couple so loving of one another that the flaws are invisible to them. I see that kind of love in my parents too. My sister and her husband make a pretty cute couple, and I hope the day was as special as it was planned to be.

I agreed to be a groomsman, as did Matty, and we got to rent tuxes like legit gentlemen. Black jackets and black pants, with white shirts and teal vests... all topped with a shiny, blue bowtie. Pretty yummy, let me tell you.

Before we returned our fancy get-ups, we decided to take a couple photos. They turned out well enough I dubbed them needed on my blog, and here I post them.

I believe the Tuxedo agrees with me...
Those vests were too divine...
After-party look...
A little too much sparkling cider, perhaps?
A dynamic duo of sorts...


  1. Pretty darn spiffy, if you ask me! The look becomes you both.

  2. Look at those two hawt sexy dudes!!! :D