Saturday, April 12, 2014

A pair of knights (idiots)...

So... when I'm not writing, or drawing, or studying, or blogging, or working...

What do I choose to do? Stupid stuff like this. Matty and I were doing some chores on the property and we came across some rather long lance-like branches. Matty challenged me to a joust, and I suggested we use a couple crapped-up and rotting boards as our shields. We got distracted from our chores when we fashioned handles onto the boards and painted them with sigils and all. We felt pretty proud of ourselves and bamboozled Hannah into filming us at our joust...

We're only slightly bruised too. One of Matty's lances caught me just above the left knee, and during a sword-fighting fray I nailed his upper lip with the top edge of my shield. But all in all, we were fairly unscathed.

My sigil was a lion. Can't you tell?

After the joust and sword-fight...

Matty's sigil was supposed to be a wolf...
One of my lances pierced right through his shield...
Maybe some day we'll make full suites of armor out of crappy, old wood and actually be semi-safe while charging towards one another with long sticks. If we're still alive by then, we'll have to film that too.

... Hey! At least we didn't pull out a couple bikes and ride those at one another. We thought about it... but thought we were probably dangerous enough on foot.


  1. I like how you even took time to paint your shields! That made it even more legit and exciting! Right?

  2. I have to say for being bamboozled, it was pretty much the best! ;D I wouldn't have had it any other way! ;D


  3. Oh my. Ooooh my. I was laughing so hard, tears came! I had to watch the video a few times just to take it all in, because it was pretty epic.
    Thank you for this, Caleb. You never fail to make me really laugh.

  4. After seeing Matt's shield, all I could think of was that 80's song called Love Cats by the Cure.

    You both are awesome...and silly.

  5. @Jono: Take it as my attempt to be more devoted to things and see them through. :P

    @Nanzy: So glad! We NEEEEEEDed you, dear. :D

    @gracie: So glad you found it entertaining! I had a feeling you'd laugh at our antics. ;)

    @Mum: And... now I have that song stuck in my head. Thanks. Thanks heaps. XD