Monday, June 30, 2014

June Update

June's been an odd month for me. I'm busy in the one sense, because I'm toiling away at my study of sociology. I'm also slowly working through the booklist I made for myself at the end of last year. But as busy as I am in those regards, I've not been entirely physically busy. Life is folding itself up and surrendering to routine. It's become a kind of predictable circle in which I spend the early half of the day in books, and the latter half working at my job.

Honestly, I could call this month a regular bore. Although, I did do some work on my car, fixing a few things here and there and giving her a nice all-around tune-up. This year I feel I'm learning a lot, and not just in my study. But at the same time, I feel the year has caught me up and if I'm not carefully keeping my eyes on my goals, it might just speed past.

I'm not usually one for sports, but a friend of mine got me to follow FIFA 2014 and I've enjoyed keeping tabs on the matches played and the scores of the teams. It's exciting to see USA's team beating its own records and climbing with rest. It might be my patriotism, but I can't help rooting for them, even if they're considered an underdog team by most.

I've been writing a lot this month too. The pace of my short story is really picking up, and I'm just so happy with how its coming along. One interesting thing is that I've been able to incorporate a lot of what I'm learning about sociology in my writing, which I think gives it a certain heft it might have lacked in previous instances. I can't remember specifically when I started writing, but I think it's rather fascinating that I can honestly say the style of my writing has changed over the years, and I'd undoubtedly admit for the better.

We haven't met for our writing meeting in a while now. I can't remember if we even met this month at all. My work schedule's only gotten more hectic with us being short handed by two people. My writing buddy's been busy with school, so finding a mutually clear moment to meet for a meeting has been an unfortunate challenge. Hopefully things will calm down for the both of us though. Until then, I've passed some of my work off to another writer friend for his feedback.

I'm looking forward to July in a way. Partially because it means only one more month before I can finally take a vacation from both school and work and get away, away from everything. That will be nice. Until then though, I'll just keep working away. Hopefully I'll kick this awful cold soon too. I do so hate being sick and under the weather. Summer colds always feel especially awful.

Anyway - hopefully I'll have something more exciting posted here soon. I'm working on my most recent prompt, so maybe...

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  1. Seems to be what most of us end up doing- keeping on keeping on. :)