Friday, December 14, 2012

An adventure...

Well, it's finally here and Matty and I will be off to pick up a friend, and then we three will be headed to the cinemas. Imax 3D will be waiting for us. We’ll be meeting another friend there, and the four of us will be watching The Hobbit together. We would have gone at midnight this morning, but work has been calling me in at midnight through holiday season, so that was a no-go.

Still – it ought to be immense amounts of fun! We're all really looking forward to it. I’ll be wearing my cosplay costume. Because I’m a dedicated nerd. It took me months to put it together and I still can’t believe I went through all the effort. (Actually I should be shouting out to PatricksPens over at ShirtWoot! for his beautiful artwork on this shirt. I really like his style. Oh - and the content choice, of course!)


It’ll be a long day for me, though, mostly 'cause I’ve been up since 10:30 last night. How will I be able to keep my eye-lids from unconsciously closing you might ask? Well - with a little help from a life-line of mine… Mountain Dew. I’m on a Mountain Dew binge. I’ve already drank several pints of the stuff and am ready for even more consumption. I've got a couple cases of assorted-sized cans, so I should be well-stocked. If one were to ask me, I’d tell him that Mountain Dew is the best carbonated drink available to man-kind. The stuff is just so great.

I cannot wait! This is going to be one immaculate night! Whoo! (Many apologies for this post and its apparent mindlessness. I really am a sane person... on most occasions.)


  1. We're here! Watching stupid and boring graphics on the Imax screen. We'll be here a while. At least our seats are good. Cannot wait!

    1. Well, it was certainly amazing. Worth the wait for sure!

  2. I had no idea you were actually updating your blog there! Love the Dew picture, loved the film.

  3. The HOBBIT was incredible. I wish I could have seen it in imax 3D...