Monday, December 24, 2012

Ode to 'Nog...

That'd be a pint and a half o' the stuff... Yumz!
I chug this ‘Nog because it is yummy.
Over the tongue and down into the tummy.
Available only once a year,
It’s certainly sure to bring lots of cheer.
Well – that is unless you’re icky;
One of those weirdoes who’s super picky?
Perhaps you just don’t realize what you’re-a missin’!
So set down your fanny and have a good listen.
Egg-Nog should be savored and sipped.
It’s a crème-a-la-crème so unlike reindeer chips…
Creamy and thick, like a shake made of milk,
It’ll sit on your tongue and feel softer than silk.
Because of its rarity this drink can be expensive.
Nonetheless this is no time to be pensive
‘Nog is a drink fit for the highest of class.
Pleablings and peasants ought better to pass.
But if you feel ready for a treat that is treaty,
Something so tasty for you and your sweetie.
I’d suggest drinkin’ a keg of the ol’ ‘Nog.
But savor it slow, don’t be a big hog!
Merry Christmas, friends, family, and fellow hooligans!


  1. You write such deep poetry Caleb! ;)

  2. Everyone seems to have written Christmas themed poetry. I feel left out...and a little jealous of your ability to enjoy dairy. :)

  3. Well I think I should tell everyone how eggnog is harvested.
    1. Find a nog. They are out there for if not then where does naugahyde come from? This animal is cousin to bigfoot you know.
    2. Take the egg from the nest (eggofnog)
    3. Crack egg into glass and enjoy eggnog.