Friday, January 18, 2013

A Daft Scotsman in the making...

        Scotsmen come in all shapes and sizes. I have the honor of knowing one of the most adorable wee' fellows this side of the Bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. Joel may not be an official Scott, nonetheless he has the bold heart of a Highland Clansman. His sister took it upon herself to stitch him a wee' kilt as a Christmas present. We wore our Highland costumes to the Christmas Eve service our church held, and certainly looked our very finest for the occasion.

       The wee' lad wore a cap which matched his vest, and completed his garb with a rubber knife tucked into his sock. I was quite impressed by his sister's ability to emulate the look of the kilt with her sewing. He really did look the part of a wee' Scotsman!

        Jo-jo followed me around the entire night. He refused to be separated from me. Even the likes of Wallace or Bruce never saw such zealousness in their followers. It was actually quite comical. Naturally, I was immensely flattered and accepted him as an honorary Scott and something of a protégé. Hopefully we'll have an opportunity to wear our Highland garb again soon.

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