Friday, February 1, 2013

Writing Meeting: 01/31/2013

Our last meeting somehow slipped from my chronicling and by golly I’m not about to let this one do the same. Wherein at our last meeting we met to discuss plotlines for our upcoming works, this meeting involved reading through the first bits of our stories. I’ve started another novelette and I am very much pleased with the progress. It’s going very smoothly. Also – it fared well at the meeting. There were no major changes suggested, but some intriguing suggestions were made and my mind was made concerning some plot points I was less sure about. Overall, I feel the meeting was very constructive. And not only concerning writing. Recently, because of work schedules for us members, we’ve had to change meeting times to the evenings, and consequently meeting places as well. I think it is apparent that we miss our meeting’s older dwelling, but this new substitute will do. At least it gives us the opportunity to crack on.
I mentioned how nice it is to be writing creatively again. I didn’t realize how much I was missing doing so until I sat down and starting bashing out another story. Now I feel enlivened in a way. I’m excited about this novelette and what I’ll be able to do with it. I’m also intrigued by what I’ll learn from it. Oddly enough, one’s own writing has a lovely way of showing how awful a writer you really can be, or how much better you could portray something should you switch things about. My last novelette taught me a lot of important things about my writing. It sounds odd, perhaps, but one’s writing can tell the writer quite a bit, should he listen. I’m looking forward to the next writing meeting, but also to getting some more of my story written out. I’ve got a lot of ideas that I’m excited to write down. Now all that’s left is to get cracking.


  1. Cracking on What-not, wha-ha-ha, I quite like it to be sure! :D

    Just kidding, I enjoyed your post, and can't wait to read 2 books now! :D

    Love you!

  2. A writing meeting.
    sounds lovely.
    I'm so excited you've started something new!
    Could I have a smallish synopsis, perhaps?