Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Break the Silence

A lot of people, including many of my blog's readers, know how much I love voice acting. Many also know how, eventually, I'd really like to make a living, or at least part of one, through voice over. People are constantly asking me if I'm actually doing any work in voice acting.
Well. I certainly am.
A year ago I attended a week-long retreat called The Guild. It was hosted by Lamplighter ministries and its goal was to cause young, talented individuals to realize that God had gifted them with a life, and gifts, and a call to use all of that for His Glory and the furthering of His kingdom. I met so many incredible people, learned so many incredibly insightful things, and basked in the presence of like-minded teachers and students. It was nothing less then life-altering.
But what came of this life-changing retreat? Well... the hope, was that students leaving the Guild would join in partnerships to co-operate on projects. That their combined passions would ally themselves, forming masterpieces of quality and excellence.
One of these co-operations is a documentary film titled Break the Silence: Echoing the Voice of God through Dramatic Audio. And you can learn more about the project and its aim at this link. At that link, you can also donate to the project. This is a big step for the team, and we could use any and all the help you can give, either by donating to the film, or through prayer.
My involvement in this project is as the narrator for the film. But you can also hear some of my work via either the promotional trailer or a number of the audio bios on the site. So be sure to check those out while you're there.

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