Saturday, September 28, 2013

Summer's End...

Wow! It has been far, far too long since I last updated. Honestly, about the only reason I don’t post updates more frequently is because not a lot of things have happened this past month. Work’s been much the same as it usually is. Although, a couple hands of our staff recently found employment elsewhere and will be leaving us soon. It’s weird. In the ten months I’ve been with the company, the hands sure have changed pretty frequently. I feel like it’s a totally different workplace these days.

Writing for me has mostly been in another short story. This one is set during modern times, or in the near future and is very relatable for me as the writer. I love writing fantasy and pieces of historical fiction, but writing something set in a period of time I understand better than others is a reprieve of sorts. We met for a couple writing meetings and decided on a new meeting schedule, although we’ve broken it already and will unfortunately do so again this week, but that just gives us time to work on extra content for the next meeting I suppose.

As for my art, I’ve only been doing a bit of sketching here and there. Nothing incredibly serious, but some fun pieces all of which I have been happy with. I’m mostly just doing my best to keep that drawing muscle in shape.

Also – my chainmail is coming along nicely. The coife is all but finished and I’m looking forward to moving on to the hauberk.

More recently, it’s gotten colder of late. Autumn seems to be officially here. I’ve had to wear a sweatshirt the last couple days at work, and only a couple weeks ago I was wearing shorts and we were all complaining about the sweltering heat. The temperatures have dropped, and so has the rain. The heavens have opened up and it has been pouring this last week. I find myself wishing we had had some sort of warning. All this rain came so suddenly!

Hopefully the time I post an update, I will have something substantial to post about.

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