Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Writing meeting: 02/04/2014

I haven't done a very good job in chronicling our writing club's meetings very well. I'm hoping to get back to highlighting what we talk and discuss and be better at posting about our meetings more periodically.

This evening we met at my writing buddy's house, to share a cup of tea and go over my short story. I'd only written a couple pages since last we'd met and gone over it, but we dig pretty deep and find some bits that need some work. I fixed them all on the spot, forcing inspiration to help me with the repairs. It wasn't a bad meeting at all. We kept on topic fairly well, except for a couple small instances, and spoke primarily on writing, our goals with our short stories. Unlike last meeting, we neither spoke of nor reviewed poetry.

One thing that struck me the hardest was the delightful taste of Harney and Sons Vanilla flavored tea. Well that, and the wealth of story that I'm constantly suppressing within me. If I'd just dedicate more of my free time to sitting down and belching those stories or parts of stories into the open, I feel I'd be more encouraged concerning my writing.

We discussed the book we're both reading, although not extensively because I've nearly finished it and he's only just started it. wouldn't want to give too much away, as it's a fantastic story best experienced as the author intended and spoiler-free.

Next meeting we'll be going over his short story. He's primarily been doing research for background info, so it ought to be an immersive segment and I'm really looking forward to reading what he writes.

As for me... I'll just keep chugging and getting this story onto paper. When the words do come, they come furiously, so it's just a matter of dedicating myself to getting it written. And nights like these as well as input from peers is immensely encouraging.

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  1. As Mary Poppins said, "Once begun, is half done." The starting is the hardest part. Sometimes you MUST will the pen, but I know the floodgates of thoughts and ideas will overflow for you.