Saturday, March 29, 2014

Writing Meeting: 03/25/2014

We met at Jesse’s this time. I arrived in time for a steaming cup of tea. It was a cinnamon-chai blend which was delicious and perfect for winding down after a long day at work. Between the tea and my slippers I was pretty contented. We went over some of his stuff. Mostly just his prompt, which he posted here.

It’s a lovely piece. When I gave him the prompting noun, I made him promise me he’d write something happy or lively. His more depressing stuff has its place, but I wanted to read something that lifted my spirits a bit. He didn’t disappoint, and it’s a pretty little piece. It was much more of a challenge then I realized, I think. Not difficult to write, but difficult for him to break away from his norm and write something a bit different.

We passed prompts again and jotted down some additional ones, just because. Next meeting we’ll be going over some more of my stuff, so I’d best be prepared to bring some sustenance to our table. My short story is creeping along still, and I’m looking forward to heating things up with it and getting the drama going.

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