Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Writing Meeting: 03/12/2014

Jesse came to my place for this meeting. We sat around my desk each with a copy of my most recent writings and a bottle of soda apiece. My short story is coming along nicely. I'm setting things up to get drastic and the characters are interacting and gearing up. Kind of dramatic, but it's meant to be that way and I like where it's going. Minor typo here, grammar misuse there... but as a whole we thought it was a strong piece. What I love about these meetings, is they help structure our writing. They assist in giving us inspiration to write hard for the next couple weeks so we have something to bring to the table. Although, I find myself writing more and more, not out of peer pressure, but just because I love putting words to paper so much.

The best bit of these meetings is the ability to bounce ideas off one another. We make suggestions, which are free to be ignored or taken upon, but it really just gets the gears and cogs turning in our heads.

His piece is still coming. He tried some new stuff with it, and I really love it as much as I ever could. It's got to be one of my favorite pieces from him, just because its utterly charming. So stinkin' relatable, and the writing's phenomenal. I'm happy for him, and excited to see where he takes this.

Also, I'm still working on my next writing prompt. It's the word "Road" and the first concept that I thought of is the one I'm still writing up. It should be finished soon, though, as I attach the final bits, so I'll be posting that soon.

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