Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Another New Year

Sorry - I don't mean to cough all over your face. Seriously, I don't. But jeez, there's a lot of dust on this blog. I mean look at it! Is that... six inches? Whoo... I'll try not to inhale like that again until I've swept a bit!

Jokes aside, this place is unkempt. I'll just be honest with myself. I didn't blog all this month! And now the day is almost up, the month is almost up, and gosh-darnit, the year is almost up to boot! So I'm squeezing one last post in before I can kiss 2014 goodbye forever.

I like 2014 though. It holds a lot of great memories. It holds a lot of new experiences. And it's almost gone.

But I'm not entirely sorry to see this year end and a new one begin. Because as much fun as 2014 was... you know, it was a freaking disappointment too. Dreams, all but snuffed out. Hopes smashed like the head of a porcelain doll meeting a cement floor. My heart squeezed and pressed like a lemon being removed of it's tart life-blood. And me; left to piece together what just happened and try to understand what I'm supposed to do. I like to stand and fight. I like the thrill of facing something that's bigger and better then me, because there's a chance I'll walk away the victor. But more than once this year I just wanted to run far, far away and hide. And I would have, if it would have made all the hurt and all the confusion finally stop. Car insurance got more expensive this year. Mistakes happened. Misunderstandings unfolded. Heartbreak swooped in. But even with all the smelly crap I had to deal with...

Good things happened this year too.

Reawakening dawned. New discoveries were found. I had some fantastic adventures. And I grew closer with the people I call my friends. A lot closer. I realized how important they are to me, and what exactly I'm willing to do for them. And most importantly, how God uses them in my life.

Would I trade the yucky experiences I had this year? Yes. Without a second thought. But if it meant I had to give up the good experiences too? No bloody way that'd happen. I'll take the bad with the good if it has to be that way.

I'm excited for 2015. And even if I feel a little nostalgic for 2014, I'm glad a new year is dawning. I'm looking forward to the experiences that are awaiting me in the folds of the new year.

Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. Our God is sovereign; and he is our strength. And as a incredible author once said,
    "Darkness must pass,
    A new day will come,
    And when the sun shines,
    It will shine out the clearer."

    Happy New Year Caleb!

  2. I second everything you said Caleb. Good job soldiering on.