Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Yes. I made that word up. So deal with it.

Anyway, word on the street is that I moved to Portland. It hasn't all been candy hearts and roses, but the good news is I'm not living in a dumpster downtown and I have a pretty sweet job working at a liquor store.

The night before I left my parents threw me a bit of a goodbye party. Nothing too fancy. But it involved absolutely wonderful things like bonfires, pumpkin chillie, apple cider, and nearly all my closest friends. It was super nice, and really cool to see so many people I care about for one last time before I left.

The point of this post, though, isn't to talk about the rad party my family threw for me. It's to highlight two of the coolest gifts I received.

Daniel, my younger brother, has been drawing like a maniac recently. He's taken our mother's flare for art to heart and really been improving over the last, say, couple months. It's super cool to see his stuff get better literally daily. He drew me a parting gift, using all his artistic talent and thoughtfulness which was better than anything he could have bought or acquired (Even through shrewd bargaining, which would have impressed me as well...)

 See that? Freaking masterpiece as far as I'm concerned. Kid deserves massive praise. He matted and framed it too so I'm hanging it up in my room when I get the chance. I don't care how narcissistic that makes me. It's art.
As for this guy... my friend Abby drew him for me. Her blog is full of awesome artsy stuff. She does these cartoon versions of people and they're pretty much nothing short of bloody fantastic. Mine's absolutely spectacular. Even has my sideways smirk. Yeah, you know the one... the one that gets me all the girls. (Gonna hang this one on my wall too...)

Anyway. Yes... this is an egotistical post. But I thought it was cool that two people thought I was cartoon character material and drew me in their own respective styles.


  1. I love your plaid and your coffee in Daniel's version, and your beanie and Converse in Abby's! And yes, you should hang them up in your new place...right under your Scottish flag because you ARE the daft Scotsman, after all.

  2. Caleb; So nice to read your blog. The art work is fabulous thank you for sharing it. Daniel is truly talented and I think it comes from both sides of the families. You Great grandpa Peter was an artist and a great photographer, your Aunt Elaina is a retired Professor of art and continues to paint. Your cousins Paul, Peter & Kellie also are artist. Kellie is graduating 2016 with a double major Phycology and Art. Are you going to school also? If so where? It is always great to read your blog and hopefully you'll send me your phone# and address.
    love you forever;

  3. Dude!! I hadn't seen Daniel's yet it's so cool!!!
    And thank you;)
    Also, congratulations on not living in a dumpster!

  4. Caleb,
    Wonderful drawings of you! Caleb and your friend are great. I knew you as a good writer, but am so impressed with your poetry. The words paint the pictures and your feelings of the experience in my head so vividly, wonderful expressions of life.

    So now that you are closer to Eugene, how about a phone number or email address. Jen is in PDX today with the kids, but we don't know how to reach you. Hope al is well.
    Aunt E