Thursday, December 17, 2015

Apartment Tour

Alright, so people keep asking me to take pictures of my new place and I'm not about that life, so I told them I'd do a corny walk-around and film it. Like a guided house-tour video.

And here it is, finally! In all it's cheesy glory! Yay!


  1. Dude, you're all set! LOVED the house tour. My favorite part...your Scottish flag on your door. :-)
    Looking forward to when we can come visit you.
    XO from WA

  2. Hi Caleb;
    I loved your house tour a lot better than my first three floors up with wasps in the closets all you seem to have is one lonely spider. All kidding aside I am happy for you and the adventure you are on. Keep your face and your foot steps in the direction of the Lord and you'll be fine. Granma's prayer may help a little. I also love the flag on your door best of all.
    Love you forever; Granma