Saturday, April 2, 2016

It's been a long time...

I've been super-crazy busy. Between moving, and trying to start school, and working, life's been freaking-nuts! I did find time to post that video (months and months ago), but that was... just goofiness.

I'm doing pretty well. Yo know, in case you were wondering.

I love my coworkers and my roommates and basically anybody I come in contact with. The weather has recently made a crazy change. Oregon seems to like to shift weather suddenly and without warning, so we've been seeing some slightly hotter days. Seventy-five degree days mostly. Which - is just fantastic.

My creative side has suffered a bit since the move though. I haven't been writing much at all. Which is part of why I'm blogging right now. Sometimes all it takes to get things going is something as chill and simple as a blog post. Once I get words out they usually rush in their usual torrent. I wrote one measly poem some time ago and that's been my only oasis in this ridiculous desert.

That's going to change though. I recently started studying again. I need to take two SAT subject tests between now and May 7th, which for someone like me, is pretty much no time for studying for a test. And I have to take TWO. It'll be good though. It's forced me to carve out time every day for studying. So if I treat writing as importantly as that I'll be churning out stories and poems like a milk maid churns out butter. (Are milk maids even a thing anymore? I have no idea...)

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