Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Blog...

                Here lies the blog of one Caleb (The Daft Scotsman...). ‘Tis an odd blog, mayhaps, and I am not ashamed to make this thing known, for this blog is mine. Posts here will be sporadically placed, though hopefully at a frequent rate.

Sometimes it may be a sudden thought, some intellectual thing I happen upon quite unintentionally, penned down and pinned here. And sometimes it may be a page torn from my journal, jotted down here that others may know how I observe things and realize, perhaps, that they are not alone and that someone else feels these same emotions, thinks the same thoughts, reacts the same to experiences. Sometimes I may post something utterly mediocre. Something so terribly awful, ‘twas not worthy of the time spent pounding it out on my keyboard for you to stumble upon and skim through. (These posts I apologize greatly for, because I know they will make their way into my blog, no matter how honorable my intentions may be.) I enjoy writing stories quite a bit and I may post different scraps and random things I think up, and am clever enough to jot down before I promptly forget them. But… well, most of all, this blog will more than likely remain a home for my written rants and raves. Sometimes I just need a table to slam my fist down on in rage, or a person to prattle on to about the next ‘best ever’ I come across, and this blog will more than likely remain exactly that.

So if you fancy such things, I invite you to tuck in to this chronicling of my life, as I plod on through the fog and mist of the obscured path ahead. You never know, perhaps my thoughts will be yours!


  1. Caleb, I love the name of your blog! Its perfect. I'm glad this will be home to your rants and raves. We all need a place like that...and I will more then likely have to agree with most of what you say because I would have said it anyways. ;)

  2. Caleb I can't believe you created a blog! This is wonderful. I've enjoyed reading and thought I'd say you are much better rambler than I am. MY blog....we eh, tis not so great when yah canna write as clearly as yer mind wants tah. :P Keep on a rantin' an a ravin' and I'll follow along on your journey me Lad! :)