Sunday, July 15, 2012

That lovely sigh of relief...

      Well, I'm here. We made it to Connecticut. This computer (An Apple MACbook pro which my Dad turned into a Linux Debian machine...) doesn't like my camera, though, so until  I buy an SD card reader for the computer, or it and my camera choose to get over their differences and become friends, I won't be able to get any pictures up here to go with my posts.

      Hopefully I shall remedy that technicality soon. And then there shall be much rejoicing.Until then. I'm here. I'm safe.

      And I'm having a whole lot of fun. Connecticut is beautiful. So many deciduous trees, which are green and in full bloom now, line the roads and path-ways. They really are enormous mammoths with massive, gnarled trunks. The street signs are easier to read here, too. And the roads are less bumpy and patched. The speed limits change a lot, in not very much distance, which is odd. But whatever. It was rather muggy yesterday, but it smells really nice here. I like it. It's really nice to meet more of my extended family members and reacquaint myself with the ones I met before but haven't seen in years. I miss my friends and family back home, though. I missed them in the Seattle airport, I missed them in the plane from Seattle to Dallas, I missed them in the Dallas airport, and I missed them in the Dallas to Hartford airport... I'm really glad I traveled with my Dad, because if I had been alone with no one familiar to talk to, I would have broken down entirely!No one to joke with, or tease, or even give a simple to fist-bump to! I think I would have died. No... I'm absolutely sure of it.

      But if I keep rambling on in this post, I'll end up giving away all the stuff I was going to write about my flight, and I won't post on that until I can post pictures to go with it. So I'll bring this post to an end.


  1. Caleb our trip together has been so much fun. I pray you are enjoying your time at the Guild. You have made your Mom and me so proud.
    I love you son


  2. We are so missing you! Glad to hear that the "Macinstein" is working for you and we hope it makes friends with a new SD card soon....we REALLY want to see and read all about what you are experiencing.
    XOXO from The Bunch

  3. Hey Caleb,
    Missed you this Sunday,
    Sounds like your haveing whole heaps fun.
    Great Blog I am going to be a Regular Reader.
    Well talk to you later my Daft Brother.

  4. Glad you made it. The general lack of pine trees is refreshing, is it not? :)

  5. Happy to hear you're there safe. Happy that you're not traveling alone. Happy that you're rambling. :)