Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Guild Experience Part Four: Wednesday and Thursday

      Wednesday Morning a number of us planned to climb out of bed before the sunrise, hike up to the tower, and watch the sun rise from there. The heat never calmed, and we hiked in sticky humidity, laughing and enjoying ourselves despite the temperature being what it was. Once at the tower, we goofed about until the sun finally began to poke its head up and over the far hills. It was such a gorgeous sight.

Me and Brandon (Scarecrow)...
       Brandon was another one of the totally awesome people I met at the Guild. The guy was so energetic and fun to be around. He is absolutely on fire for the Lord and has such a flare for style. It felt so weird to talk with him, because so often it felt like I was talking with myself. We were just so like-minded! He's also a speech-accent enthusiast, and while he hasn't quite gotten the Scottish accent down, he does a Jack-Sparrow impersonation which is even better than Johnny Depp himself... absolutely fantastic stuff!

      Wednesday evening Phillip Telfer spoke about pouring ourselves out to the Lord. His message was meant to encourage us to give our all for the Lord, that He would be able to use us as His servants to further His kingdom. Phillip's words were not ignored. They were taken to heart by all who heard him. When his message came to its conclusion, he lifted his voice to the Lord and taught us a song that he wrote called "Pour it  Out". It's just
a simple song, which he played quite well on his guitar, but the lyrics were so genuine and heart-filled I was really touched and impressed. And as we all lifted our voices to the Lord, to praise His holy Name and pour out ourselves to Him, I felt the Lord's presence in the building. My spine was devoured by chills of excitement and streams of tears ran down my face. It was an incredible time of worship. Mark Hamby called those who were inclined to come up to the alter, that they would be able to pray and dedicate themselves to the Lord. After the worship service we all just hugged each other and reveled in what we had just experienced. It was such a fantastic time.

      I slept well that night, though. When the voice-over coaching was at its end, I went right to bed as soon as I could. So many early mornings and late nights were really taking their toll on me.

      Thursday was also a whole lot of fun. Todd Busteed, John Cambell, and Cathy Buchanan all put their heads together, with a whole lot of the dramatic arts students and we brainstormed the characters and story for an audio-drama. Then a fist-full of script-writing students left with Cathy and got the script written out, while the rest of us auditioned for the audio drama's many colorful characters. Once all the roles were filled, and the run-away script was found and brought to the teachers, they worked on getting it all recorded and edited. Then Todd added his affects magic, and John added his music. It was just so great.

       Also - here is what a typical breakfast at the Mohonk Mountain Resort looks like. It included, but was not limited to, miniature Belgian waffles, bacon, eggs, French toast, sausage, scalloped potatoes, and toast, not to mention unlimited amounts of nearly every fruit and large amounts oat-meal (Yucky...). Also - bottomless mugs of REALLY good coffee, which I appreciated most of all. I ate like a king while at the Guild, it was just the best thing ever.

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  1. Caleb!! I so wish I had gone with you!! You're so darn blessed with your gift of writing & your voice. I'm do proud of you. You're actually pursuing your dreams unlike your big sister who hasn't even made it yet lol
    I love you!!!