Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Guild Experience Part Six: Guild Wrap-up...

         I guess by now I’ve written quite a bit about the Guild and the time I spent in the Mohonk mountains, learning from master craftsman of the dramatic arts. So I believe I’ll make this my final post on the subject. It was certainly an experience I will never forget. I attended the Guild, hoping to get experience in Drama and Voice-Overs. I received just that, but more as well. Additionally, I met many young people who I regard as friends. Hopefully our time together at the Guild was only a precursor to the fabulous relationships that will arise from our acquaintance. Many of us made plans to collaborate on different personal projects, and we look forward to what comes of our combined forces. Also at the Guild, I made contacts that could prove very valuable in my prospective career in V-O, which was very encouraging. But most of all… most of all, I met the Lord. I hadn’t expected such an incredible experience. I hadn’t imagined such a life changing occurrence. But it happened! I felt the Lord’s presence. His pleasure was evident and could be felt by all as we praised his name.

The view from Eagle Cliff...

The view from the far side of the lake...

Cathy Buchanan, Todd Busteed, and John Campbell...

I had so much fun those five days I attended the Guild. And without a doubt, I would suggest it to anyone at all who was interested in visual or dramatic arts. If you enjoy painting, acting, videography, sound-design, music-composition, photography, and script-writing, I’d highly recommend saving your pennies for Guild 2013, because if it is anything like Guild 2012, it will be an experience of a life-time.

You can check out the official Guild home-page Here.
Sean, Michael, Me, Brandon, Cody, Ben, Sammi, Alex, Jonathan, and garret. (Photo courtesy of Cody)
I already miss all the great people I met at the Guild. So many like-minded individuals. Everyone was exceptionally friendly and decent, it was impossible not to quickly make friends. We all had our areas of expertise, but we all were willing to stretch a bit too. Interacting with so many students might have been a headache, but it wasn’t. Like me, all were there to learn, and showed the utmost respect to both their fellow students and their teachers, which I appreciated immensely. We laughed a lot, cheered a lot, sang a lot, talked a lot, and certainly learned a lot. From each other, and from our teachers.

The flight home...
In the end, it probably goes without saying that I’m very thankful that I attended the Guild. I praise the Lord for giving me this fantastic opportunity. I pray that I will use my talents and passions to bring glory to Him.
I also want to thank those who helped get me to the Guild, either by buying books, contributing to my fund, or even just supplying moral support. But thank you for all your prayers, most of all. You guys are all the best ever!

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