Friday, August 3, 2012

Scotsmen only!

      I’ve quite decided that this blog of mine has far too few Scottish-related posts. In an attempt to remedy that very thing, I thought it might be clever for me to blog about the sign I purchased while I was in Oregon on a family vacation this last week. Already I’m sure you’re asking what this has to do with Scotland, and how I could make a post concerning the Oregon coast and signs somehow related to Scottish-ness. Well – just read on, dear reader.
       While visiting the Oregon coast, we went shopping in one of the larger towns and came across a wee Celtic shop. I was not about to pass by such a pleasant little sales-place, so I popped in and glanced about at the peddler’s wares. The gentleman was hawking a lot of interesting items, but one particular one caught my fancy. Well – enough for me to just about buy it up on sight. It was just that awesome. ‘Twas a sign. What’s so great about a sign? Well it was manufactured locally – which I found to be incredibly great. But the best part was really what was written on the sign. Check it out!

       Funny stuff, right? I thought so, anyway. It was totally a must have for me. If you don’t know the significance of the ‘City Ordinance’ date on the bottom right corner, you must not be Scottish. That date marks the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath at Arbroath abby. A declaration by Scotsmen of freedom from English rule. That occasion, one buried in historical intrigue, actually plowed the furrows for modern-day democracy and even remained something of a basis for the American Declaration of Independence. So it really is a very significant date! Though, how that date is really associated with the content of the sign is not really all that apparent to me…
       …Still, the sign is great. And buying local was an added benefit. It was all win.

The sign doesnae lie, Laddie!


  1. .Caleb.
    That sign is hilarious.
    It's perfect.
    I *love* it.

  2. That is a funny sign:) LOL!
    God Bless, The Adams Clan