Saturday, November 3, 2012

Writing Meeting: 11/01/2012

                Well, I feel our writing club is in full swing now. Last Thursday, we edited a chunk of one of my short stories (By chunk, I mean more than half of what I have written thus far…) and I felt very encouraged. Mostly because this story is one I hadn’t worked on in a while, and it seems I’ve improved since last I wrote much of it. I’m excited to swing back into the saddle and really get writing again. During our meetings, I feel that I learn something new about the writer whose work is getting edited. And since my work was edited this last meeting, I found some things out about myself. I think I don’t mind starting sentences off with “and”. I like short sentences that flow together, one after the other. And I am deciding my older writing habits of writing long sentences that go on and on is clunky and hard to follow and I don’t like it anymore.

                I think my style will see grand alteration. A new feel; more natural, more personal.

 I’m really quite pleased with our meeting place of choice. It feels part café, part coffee shop and I like that. Mostly, the people who frequent it are friends, meeting to catch up on each other. It’s a nice atmosphere. And they serve good coffee.

Of course, getting your work picked apart is a humbling experience, too. As I realized quite quickly, you have to be teachable. Thus far our meetings have gone smoothly and without mishap. And since we know how far to go, and how to be humble with our work, I don’t foresee there being an issue here. Still – it was a good reminder to me. When criticizing someone’s work, I do need to be understanding and as gentle as can be allowed.

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